Monday, 16 April 2012

Take the leap

Are you feeling brave? Dare you step through this portal? What lies beyond the floral chandelier? What hides in the blue mist. Is it safe? Are there monsters or fairies? Is it perhaps a gentle Arcadia or will you set boulders rumbling?

Shall I let you into a little secret? I know what's in there... It's the gateway to your imagination. Through there lies paintings, poems and prose... The archways lead you to where your Muse lies waiting to guide you on an adventure through your creativity.

How about you share your stories and art with me in the comments here? Where would you like this particular portal to take you today?

If you enjoy adventures like this, then join me on my inspirational eCourse where we'll step into the realm of our imagination for an 8 week magical mystery tour.

A thought to leave you with...

This must be a simply enormous wardrobe!" thought Lucy, going still further in and pushing the soft folds of the coats aside to make room for her. Then she noticed that there was something crunching under her feet. "I wonder is that more moth balls?" she thought, stooping down to feel it with her hands. But instead of feeling the hard, smooth wood of the floor of the wardrobe, she felt something soft and powdery and extremely cold. "This is very queer," she said, and went on a step or two further.
CS Lewis

Just imagine if Lucy had been too scared to take those steps... I don't think her story would be half so interesting... do you?

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