Monday, 23 April 2012

Group Working

I was given the book we're using for the book group - Mess: A Manual of Accidents and Mistakes - last autumn. It was a prize from another course. I was so excited when it arrived, having enjoyed a whale of a time with one of Keri's other destruction projects - Wreck this Journal. Somehow though, I just couldn't get into it. I put some attempt into a few pages, but something was missing...

Clarity finally dawned - making a mess is never as much fun on your own as with a group... especially when you need some encouragement and permission to start to let go. The Messy Book Group was born!

The last few weeks my messy band have been making tentative steps towards total abandon. Many of us are taking a leap into unknown territory. We're finding a side to our creativity we never knew existed or had packed away along with childhood toys.

 Mess or the place where the Dragon shed its skin?

Already some of us have been labelled as the local eccentrics as we leap about in mud and then dance over our artwork. Family members have questioned our sanity or written letters to The Times in distress over our wanton destruction of the bound page.

Yet, in amongst the mess, we are finding tiny treasures ready to seed and bloom into something altogether special. We are opening our minds and muses to possibility. As we enjoy the very act of creation with little heed to any final outcome we are more often than not surprising ourselves along the way.

The right sides of our brains are wide awake and laughing with glee as they connect the dots, splodges and sticky patches to find new meaning. It's a crazy adventure and we're enjoying the ride!

Finding the composition after the fact!

It is never too late to join the party. We're sharing our accidents and improvisation on the **FREE** Book Group blog page and throwing ideas and caution to the wind in our Facebook Group.

If you're wondering how this fits with the eCourse or indeed, just what that's all about. Well, it will more of the same with a dose of more prescribed material. We'll be learning where to find inspiration and stretching our right brains. We'll be telling stories in words and pictures and finding new meaning in the mundane. We'll look at the work of other artists and see how they can inspire us to take our own creative path.

It all starts on Monday 14th May. The clock is ticking... Tick Tock... Sign up here.

The Guarantee
…If after the first half of the course, you don’t feel inspired to create, then I will offer your money back, no quibble.

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  1. Mess is soooo much fun... loving every minute of it and you are right that making mess as part of a group is even more fun...xx