About me

Little girl Lisa painted pictures and wrote stories from when she could first pick up a pencil. Little Lisa possessed a wild imagination and believed in magic and endless possibility.
As she grew older, she was sucked into the world of earning a living and the pressure to conform to a corporate world tried to knock her creativity into shapes it just wasn’t comfortable with. She married, had a child and directed her energy elsewhere. But then the marriage fell apart and Lisa found herself bringing up a child alone. Lisa lost herself somewhere along the way, until one day she started writing a blog, picked up a paintbrush and found both her tribe and her Muse….
Three years later, and I am a freelance writer and specialist communications and employee engagement consultant who even dares to call herself artist too! I found the missing elements of my life in creativity. I’ve turned my house into a giant art studio, got paint over most of my clothes, sold paintings, sucked up art course after course, been on an amazing retreat and even organised a mini one of my own.
As I shared my work with others – a wonderful supportive tribe of artists and creatives – they encouraged me to believe in myself. It took a long time for me to really listen when people I admired told me I was an inspiration to them! Eventually though I realised that sometimes I do see the world differently and that as much as it’s OK for me to sell my writing skills to the corporate world, then it should be natural that I use my creative talent to help nurture and grow the same in others.
I began to toy with how I could take my skills and share them with the creative tribe. It took a great deal of trial and error and something of an epiphany when I read Dan Pink’s book ‘A Whole New Mind’ which reveres those with a prominent right brain and teaches how our skills will pave the way to a different, conceptual business future.
I saw how my ‘when the sun goes down’ explorations into art and story were actually helping to give meaning to the ‘day job’ too. I recognised myself as one of Dan Pink’s tribe and this new venture – The Wright Brain Stuff – was born!


  1. ~lias...beautiful are you!!! i love your new website and the glimpse of your path shared...you are filled with immense talent and i know each who stumbles upon your website will leave feeling deeply inspired...i wish you only the best to come forth...may it fill your spirit and keep your muse sparked with the desire to create away...much love my dear friend~

  2. Well, never tried an online course before, so I figured it was time to take the plunge. Plus those tantalising blog pots have me intrigued.

    Let the fun begin :D

  3. I know that little-BIG girl-WOMAN you are talking about and she is a wonderful person
    And when she is ready to Tavel the world she promised me to visit me in California

  4. Will you be offering any more e-courses? :)