Sunday, 18 March 2012

Something by way of an introduction

The last few years have changed my life. I went through a very difficult patch leading up to a marriage separation and divorce. It was a struggle to find the person I used to be.
Then I started a blog and picked up a paintbrush and things have never been the same since!
In 2012 I finally have the confidence to call myself Writer & Artist. I blog, I paint and above all I earn my living by the craft of running words across pages and allowing them to conjure story, idea and emotion in the hearts and souls of my readers.
Along the way I have made friends across all four metaphorical corners of the globe. I’ve taken courses, read books, practiced, learned, refined and stretched my mind. I’ve found my tribe.
I’ve run my own consulting business for over two years bringing my unique blend of both common and un-common sense, motivational experience, communication talents and wacky sense of humour into the corporate workplace. I love what I do, and this part of my business remains firmly in my future. But hey, whoever said we couldn’t have two jobs?
Take a look at my blog and you’ll see a diverse and creative mind. I have always allowed myself the freedom to have a go at everything. When I was younger I’d find myself half way up a rock face or slapping face down into the sea after a water skiing wipe out. I would try anything, sometimes putting myself through water inhaling and vertigo torture several times before I’d decide it wasn’t quite for me!
I’ve taken the same approach to my creativity. One day you’ll find me painting a landscape without a brush, the next I’ll be crafting a portrait with pencil or layering up digital images. I find and take inspiration from everywhere. Sometimes my mind feels so full of the stuff that it hurts. My brain bulges.
This is where you come in. I want to share some of this inspiration with my tribe. I want to share some of what I’ve learned and what goes on inside this head of mine. My Muse in particular is most keen to get out and meet you all. She is full of surprises.

I've dreamed of this moment for a very long time. I am thrilled to finally launch my eCourse - The Wright Brain Stuff. Will you join the creative adventure?


  1. lovely to get to know you better
    you have inspired a smile as i consider your journey

    wishing you the best each step of the way

  2. I'm so happy for your, Lisa. This is great and what a well-deserving, wonderful opportunity for you. :)

  3. How much will this cost in American dollars? thanks ^_^

  4. Congrats on the e-course! Love the portrait of the girl and the detail on the hair and the butterflies.

  5. Seems like an interesting journey. Congrats and best wishes for you.

  6. Beeeeeautiful blog makeover Lisa and well done on the off to explore now! x

  7. all the best for your e-course. the illustration in this post is so lovely. i love the words that go with it as well.