What my students say

Testimonials from my first course

"Thanks for the safety to play, create, experiment and be seen in this class Lisa Wright! I will continue to play with this course for many moons to come. You have given me peeks of myself that I know I will be able to expand on for many years." Wendy Sullivan

"You have encouraged me to go further with my artwork, to take different approaches, and feel happier with what I do than perhaps I used to. Another really valuable aspect is being inspired by other people's work, and being overwhelmed by the support and encouragement of others. I have appreciated it so much." Jez Eden

"It was great to get a bit of guidance. I've been wanting to tap into my creativity for ages, but just didn't know where to start. Although I wasn't seen in the Facebook Group often, I've been quietly working through the exercises on my own and have found myself constantly leaping off into all different directions from the lessons and prompts. This course was just what I needed." Claire Pocock

"At first, when Lisa was talking about story writing, I didn't get that as part of my artistic journey but it is!! In previous online classes I've taken the instructor just shows you how to duplicate 'their' work - so If you do a good job and you post it - people think you have a piece of so & so's work - or they go 'Oh, she's taken so & so's class'. Your viewers really don't see it as yours. So how do you go about making your work your own? That was Lisa's message. How do I find things/subjects to make into art verses copying someone elses? Lisa's course has given me new thinking and SIGHT. It took me a couple exercises to figure that out but when the bulb went on - WOW - a whole new world is opening up for me. Working Lisa's lessons , I started to see things differently & one of my paintings turned into a salsa girl after I observed a beautiful hispanic woman at a ballgame. I would have NEVER put that all together without this class exposure!" Dana Strickland

"I feel like a creative egg being opened up and inspired, oozing new ideas! I have really evolved into a new path!! I love it and thank you!!" Sherri

"I've met some interesting folk along the way and started looking at things differently. I really enjoyed it. It was good to be prodded into thinking, rather than being shown how to paint a particular picture. Probably the biggest thing I’ve learnt is how to look; seeing colours in new ways, seeing patterns and detail in a new light. One of my exhibition pieces was a direct result of the eye exercise. Really glad I signed up :) "Nigel Roberts

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